SOMH Background

So Others May Hear has spent the last year creating a Hearing Aid Orientation DVD that covers many of the important items individuals with hearing loss and their significant others should know about their hearing system and hearing devices.

The DVD was filmed in Hollywood, CA using a Sony HDW-F900 camera. The DVD functions identical to any motion picture DVD. Additionally, original music was composed and recorded for the main DVD menu. When DVD is left on the main menu, soothing music will play in your waiting room. Also, on the main menu, 15 items of the most “Important information people should be familiar with” flashes continuously on the main menu screen.

The DVD starts with an introduction and then takes individuals through an interactive tour of the hearing system. There are 20 different chapter points created from evidenced based audiology journals regarding the most important information people should know about their hearing system and their hearing devices. The content was selected based on research and personal experiences from hearing health care professionals. Additionally, there are sections for significant others and family members.


Our goal is to get the DVD in every individual’s hand because it will provide them with the information they should know about their hearing system and repeat many of the topics that should be covered at a hearing aid orientation.

Furthermore, the HAO DVD will further increase memory recall and retention of important information by patients, students, nurses etc. as they view the information in and auditory and visual format with closed captions in their most familiar environment.