The Most Comprehensive Hearing Aid Instructional DVD

Now individuals may continue learning how to use hearing aids successfully

“This DVD is a must have for hearing aid users”

Hearing aid users and their families have benefited tremendously after watching the DVD

Other individuals benefiting from the Hearing Aid Orientation DVD include;

Family Members of hearing aid users Parents of children using hearing aids
Friends of hearing aid users Nurses
Primary Care Physicians Otolaryngologist
Hospital Staff Assisted Living Staff
High School Teachers College Professors
Police Officers Fire and Rescue workers
Military Staff Paramedic and Ambulance Drivers
Priest, Ministers, Staff and Volunteers Social Workers
Physical Therapist Psychologist
Previous hearing aid users Audiology Students
Airport Security Screeners Banking Staff and tellers
Restaurant Staff Summer Camp Counselors

Individuals using English as a 2nd language also benefit from optional closed captions