DVD Chapter Topics

Chapter 1: Your Audiogram
Chapter 2: Considering Amplification?
Chapter 3: Styles of Hearing Aids
Chapter 4: Open Fit Hearing Aids
Chapter 5: Using Your Hearing Devices/
Insertion and Removal
Chapter 6: Trouble Shooting Your Hearing Device
Chapter 7: Creating Your Own Drying Container
Chapter 8: Adjustment Period
Chapter 9: “It Sound Like My Voice Has An Echo” Occlusion
Chapter 10: “My Hearing Aid Is Whistling” Feedback
Chapter 11: Batteries
Chapter 12: Hearing Better/Become In Charge Of Your Hearing Devices
Chapter 13: Realistic Expectations
Chapter 14: Hearing Aid Myths
Chapter 15: Directional Microphones and Multiple Programs
Chapter 16: Advanced Topics/Using The Telephone
Chapter 17: Warranty
Chapter 18: Informing Others You Have Hearing Loss
Chapter 19: Information For Family Members and Significant Others
Including 15 additional important items people should be familiar with continuously playing on the DVD home screen.